10 Helpful Tips for Planning a Successful Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion can drive you a little crazy. You might worry about who will show up, how to keep everyone happy, and what to do on the day. Taking care of party rentals ahead of time gives you some peace of mind. Check out how using event tents and other tips will help you have a successful family reunion.

Pick a Location

Start with the right location. Thanks to event tent rentals in Miami, you don't need to worry about bad weather. A tent on rent gives you a safe and dry place to escape the rain as well as the sun. When you look for locations, think about spots that are convenient for all your family members.

Set a Budget

Whether you need party tents, table cloth rentals, or any other supplies, set a budget. While you might ask your relatives to contribute to the overall costs, you may need to shoulder some or all the costs yourself.

Think About Food

Depending on where you hold your family reunion, you might decide to work with a caterer. If you hold a reunion close to your relatives, a potluck saves you money. Ask everyone to bring a dish to share.

Divide the Work

Trying to plan the reunion by yourself is difficult. Ask for help and divide the work among your relatives. You might handle renting the event tents and let someone else look for rental chairs or a caterer.

Talk With Your Family

Talking with your family is a smart way to see what they want from your reunion. Don't forget to consider their budgets. If you plan a ton of expensive activities and ask everyone to pay for party rentals, you may have some relatives who do not attend.

Have a Backup Plan

Having a backup plan helps you cope with the unexpected. You might pick a venue that shuts down before your reunion or hire a caterer who doesn't show up on the day. Your backup plan may include a tent on rent to cope with bad weather, too.

Plan Things to do

While Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals can help you find event tent rentals in Miami, you also want to plan for things to do. Pick out activities that are suitable for all your family members such as games for kids and cooking contests for adults.

Consider the Length

Think about how long you want your reunion to last. If everyone sees each other a few times a year, plan on spending a day or a few hours together. Extended families often have reunions that last for a full weekend.

Consider Apparel

Consider making shirts and hats with the date and location of your family reunion on them. Use a website that allows guests to buy them and have them shipped to their homes. They can wear the apparel at the reunion.

Send Invitations

Send invitations to everyone in your family. The invitations should include the date, time, and location as well as special instructions. This tells guests what they need to bring with them.

Thanks to table cloth rentals, party tents, and other supplies, planning a family reunion is easier than ever before. You can plan for the unexpected and have fun with your loved ones. Find the rentals that you need when you contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals.

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