Family Reunion

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Family Reunions in south florida

Family reunions are special events where distant members of the family get together and reconnect. However, surveys show that 68% of all family reunions turn out to be unmemorable events when things are put together quickly.

To maximize the joy of family reunions, you should do some careful planning in advance. The best approach is to think about the venues, atmosphere, and style. Below are some popular family reunion ideas that can help you make every family reunion a memorable one.

The Barbecue

A barbecue family reunion is where you will hold the event in an outdoor venue such as a park. These events are ideal if you have a group of 50 people or fewer attending the reunion. Typically, the planning and preparation take about 6 to 8 week to get everything right. You want to coordinate on food, activities, and those who are coming. Those relatives that are traveling from farther away will need accommodations for staying at least three nights. You also want to think about shading and where everyone can congregate to keep out of the sun. We recommend using a couple of tents that are placed outside to offer shade and shelter against the weather. Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals are the experts in helping you prepare for your family reunion. We will find you the perfect event rentals in South Florida and make the process of planning, setting up, and cleaning up easy.

An Indoor Event

Maybe you are not too excited about the outdoors and prefer to have your reunion at a specific location. There are numerous facilities around the area where you can choose to have your reunion. You have the option of setting up audio and video, so the different members of the family can share their memories. The weather is not an issue, but you want to have a sense of style and class. We recommend having an indoor tent, where you can greet everyone and show elegance. Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals offers free quotes to help you plan your family reunion. We are the experts in tent rentals in South Florida and will help you find the perfect one for your reunion.

The Adventure Reunion

Some people want to do exciting activities to connect with their families. These include going on camping trips, taking short cruises, or attending sporting events. All of these activities are great and will give you an enjoyable family reunion. The most important thing is to plan ahead about the seating, venue, and what you will be doing. You want to have a place where everyone can connect away from the event. The best approach is to have a meal before or after the event. At Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals, we are the experts that will help you create a perfect family reunion. Our staff knows what to do to make everything special, using our knowledge of event rentals throughout South Florida.

Plan Your Family Reunion with Us!

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