6 Tents for Events Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Party

In the last two years, a lot of events were canceled or indefinitely postponed because of the pandemic. With the world coming back to normal, thanks to vaccines, we can slowly turn back and enjoy our lives as we used to before.

So naturally, with the New Year being just around the corner, people are excited to reschedule the celebrations and let the parties begin.

However, as people still continue to be hesitant of each other’s health and surroundings – open, outdoor events are on the rise. Many people are embracing intimate celebrations, placed outside even for weddings and birthdays that are usually quite grand. That’s why we have decided to present to you some dreamy outdoor tents for events décor ideas that you can utilize for your events going forward.

Have a look!

  • Get a Big Tent

First and foremost, the one major thing that shall make your outdoor event décor ideas come to life is a big tent. Tents for events like weddings, birthdays, and even special get-togethers are the best way of bringing in the whole space together. Not only do tents potentially protect your event from bad weather, prying eyes, and heat, they are extremely fun to decorate. You can indulge your most creative outdoor event décor ideas while planning a party under a tent and style it in any way possible.

  • Add a Floral Canopy

It isn’t completely necessary that a tent covers your entire event space. You can, by all means, add a beautiful, dreamy floral canopy. Anywhere from the entrance to the center stage or even right in the middle of the setup, a floral canopy adds a dreamy natural element making your décor look more rustic yet contemporary. Moreover, floral canopies work great with all kinds of events, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, or a picnic party, etc. You can choose whatever flowers and style that you prefer and voila! Your dream tent would be enchanted.

  • Fairy Lights Are All the Rage

Instead of bulky spotlights that blind you, fairy lights are all the rage these days, especially for outdoor evening events. They add subtle light and glow to the entire event while the main source of light is placed high above. The dreamy glow creates a unique, romantic setting that pairs extremely well with outdoor tent decorations. Additionally, you can find fairy lights in almost every color, from classic gold to red, green and blue, etc. So you can mix and match to coordinate with your décor and type of event.

  • Bold Patterns Add Personality

Never shy away from adding bold patterns to your outdoor décor setup. Tents for an event like graduation parties, bridal showers, or other themed events are also available in bold patterns to add a unique textural vibe that a plain tent may eliminate. However, if not for the tent in bold patterns, you can choose throws, scarves, cushions, and other scattered individual elements in bold patterns for decoration purposes to tie everything together.

  • Classic Color Palette Is Timeless

A classic color palette of retro pastels, reds, and burgundies is classic yet timeless for a reason. You can never go wrong with these colors, no matter what event you are preparing for. Tents for events like these can also be found in colors that coordinate well with such a color palette, and you can easily mix and match as per your liking. In fact, you can even find rainbow tents, retro striped tents, or black n’white checkered tents for a more 90’s aesthetic.

  • Statement Furniture is Iconic

Lastly, statement furniture is always iconic. From bold colored couches and sofas to patterned chairs, stage furniture, and other seating arrangements, you can always make your décor stand out with the right furniture. Many tent rentals that provide tents for the event also have furniture up for rent, and you can choose from their wide collection to fit in your event as per your theme or liking preference.

Bottom Line

We hope that with these dreamy outdoor tents for events décor ideas, you will be able to make the most of your event decoration and celebrate joyous moments to the fullest. Looking for a tent rental to help you out with the décor? Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals offers several different sizes and types of tents for renting in South Florida. Whether you are going for an intimate open gathering or a large outdoor event, Sunshine Tents has got you covered.

For more information and booking details, contact us today!

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