Here Are the Advantages When You Rent Your Party Tent in South Florida

When throwing a party in the sunshine state, it's important to prepare for the sun showers that occur now and again. While the weather is usually beautiful in South Florida, our summers do become rainy randomly. The last thing you want is to spend time planning a gorgeous party for the rain to come in and shower your decorations, food, and drinks. There is a solution to this issue, though. Party tents, tents are built to protect your party and can even add some elegance to the decorations. When it comes to tents, some people are at a loss of whether they should purchase their own or rent. The easy answer is to rent. We suggest renting as it comes with many benefits you simply will not get when you choose to buy your tent.

You won't need to worry about the elements getting in the way of your planned event with a Sunshine Tent & Event Rentals tent. Keep reading to learn the benefits of renting your party tent as opposed to buying.


When you rent a party tent from Sunshine Tent & Event Rentals you are getting convenience. Purchasing a tent will come with a lot more stress as you will need to research where to buy a tent, find one that matches your decorations, and set up the tent yourself. All of this is quite the process, but when it comes down to it, setting up the tent yourself is the real deal-breaker. After all, these tents are not just those you sleep in or put up for tailgates. No, these tents are large and sometimes require putting poles up in the correct areas. The worst part is if you put the tent up incorrectly, you face it coming crashing down on your party, decorations, and guests. Talk about a party foul. But, when you go with a rental, you simply walk outside and have the tent already set up for you and your party. It's as easy as that.


Renting a tent alone is not as common as people think. That is because most tent rental companies will give you a discount on other rentals just for renting a tent. This means that you are not just saving money and time by renting a tent, but you are also saving money and time on decorations. Here at Sunshine Tent & Event Rentals, we will be able to set up your decorations for you when you choose to rent party supplies. This makes your life much easier and takes the burden of setting up off your shoulders. And on the day of the party, trust us, you are going to be so grateful you have the extra time to address other parts of the party. 


Purchasing a tent is expensive in more aspects than just money. Sure, they cost a pretty penny to purchase; however, now that you have this big tent you are going to need to pay money to either have someone else set it up for you or store it. Some of these tents are fairly big and do not fit in a garage as many would hope. You also are more than likely not going to use the tent often. So why spend all the money on a tent you may only use one or two times. Renting is a lot cheaper and you get your money worth. If you are only using the tent once, you will only get charged for the time you use it. Purchasing your tent is only worth it if you will be using it enough to make the price make sense. 

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