Enjoying Spring Weddings in Hollywood Florida

The floral aroma in the air, light breeze flowing through the venue, the gentle sway of trees, and birds chirping in the background. Seems like a dreamy vision of outdoor spring weddings. Such beautiful decoration not only makes a perfect day for the groom and bride but also allows the guests to have a wonderful time.  

Picturing the scene looks appealing enough. But making it become a reality requires effort and strategic planning. If you’re planning to hold a spring wedding, there are several things you must consider, from outdoor venues and wedding tents to the decor and logistics.  

Keep reading to find a few notable tips to help you design a glorious and enchanting spring wedding in Hollywood, Florida 

Select The Perfect Venue  

Spring is one of the busiest times for all sorts of events and weddings. So, as soon as you decide the date of your wedding, you must check and book the venue right away.  

You don't want to wait and miss your opportunity to celebrate your special day anywhere but your preferred venue, after all. Also, spring weddings are best held at seasonal venues near greenery for the attendees to bask in the fresh environment of blooming vibrancies. 

Pick The Menu  

The menu is an essential component for every wedding in general. But when you're holding a spring wedding, you want it to be refreshing and spring-inspired. You can add some cocktails to the mix and wholesome and crispy snacks made from fresh vegetables.  

You can also include fruit punches and mixed fruits to honor the lush season. Colorful fruits on the table with equally glowing flora around you sounds like a sensational idea, that’s for sure.  

Finalize The Decorations Based On The Palette   

An outdoor spring wedding without the most pristine and eye-catching color scheme is next to impossible. So, as you decide on the linens and palette for the event, be sure to include flamboyant pastel hues, including mint green, peach, pink, gray, and lavender.  

These shades enhance the overall vibes of the wedding. And as a bonus: they help you click some of the most stunning photos to remember the day for years to come.  

Check The Weather  

Spring is a harmonious season, but it can get quite unpredictable at times, especially in states like Florida. That's the reason you must check the weather forecasts and prepare for unexpected showers and strong winds right away.  

If you have an outdoor wedding, make sure you get a tent and avoid the rain. You can also install air conditioning systems inside the tents to enhance the ventilation and avoid the space feeling stifling due to high humidity. You can discuss these details as you hire one of the professional event tent rentals to manage such aspects for you.  

Decide The Flowers   

Do you know the special feature of every spring wedding? You've got the opportunity to design your bouquet and backdrops using some of the most fragrant and bright-colored seasonal flowers!  

Selecting spring flowers like hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, and roses can make the venue look even more aesthetic and glorious. You can place the flora as the centerpieces on tables, along with the tents, for the bride's bouquet. Those are some marvelous ways to make the spring wedding look utterly enthralling.  

Event Tent Rentals In Florida 

Make your wedding a phenomenal experience that looks beyond magical for every guest and, of course, the bride and groom. If you've decided on an open-air spring wedding in Hollywood, you need professional event tent rentals to help you design the event like a pro.  

Locals of Hollywood, Florida, can contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals right away. Our skilled team offers event and wedding tents, tables, chairs, linens, lighting, and heat and air conditioning systems. Our goal is to satisfy you 100% and reduce your burdens by completing our tasks based on your requirements.  

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We await to assist you in planning a successful and unforgettable spring wedding!  

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