Essentials For An Outdoor Vow Renewal

If you are planning to renew your vows, the outdoors offers the perfect backdrop to this romantic ceremony. Just make sure to include the essentials when throwing an outdoor party, like finding reliable service for event rentals in West Palm Beach. When you contact Sunshine Tents and Events Rentals, we have all the tent rentals and accessories you need for a memorable occasion. In addition to contacting us, you should also consider these six musts when saying I do…again.

Choose A Location

Get started soon coming up with the perfect location. Popular spots include parks, beaches, wineries, and even your own backyard. If you will not be having the festivities in your backyard, then make sure to check out the location firsthand. That way, you can picture how the ceremony will unfold in that specific spot. It is also recommended to take measurements or find out the exact size of the area, so you know it can accommodate all your guests and rental equipment.

Because you are most likely selecting a public outdoor location, find out all the requirements for hosting a ceremony there. Will you need a permit? Is there a specific number of guests you can invite? What are the rules on noise levels? For more freedom and simplicity, you may want to consider a private location, if possible.

Create A Backup Plan – Just In Case

A celebration outdoors creates a perfect backdrop for the occasion. Whether at the beach, the woods, winery, or a national park, you will not find a venue more beautiful or creative than the great outdoors. However, even if you plan your event on a date that guaranteed perfect weather, mother nature can be unpredictable. You may not like the idea of throwing the festivities indoors but creating a backup plan is a lot better than no plan once the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worst. To ensure the comfort of your guests, book an indoor venue that is close to the original location.

Combat The Downside Of Being Outside

If there is one good thing people can say about indoor venues, mosquitoes never crash the party. Don’t be deterred by the downside of being outdoors, such as insects, high temperatures, and humidity. Instead, be prepared. Make sure you keep the insects under control with effective repellants, such as citronella candles and certain plants that repel unwanted bugs. You can take it one step further by purchasing smart devices. 

You can find many smart products that repel bugs, like ultrasonic repellants that you can plug into an outlet and watch go to work. Keep bugs away from your food by setting up an indoor insect trap that lures bugs with its UV light. You may be outside, but you do not have to endure unwanted guests.

When you need to beat the South Florida heat, make sure to have plenty of fans to create a cooler and more pleasant environment. It is also a good idea to ensure the cold drinks stay icy cold in a hot climate.

Plan For The Essentials

People who are not accustomed to throwing outdoor parties can let the most important details slip by the wayside. They create a plan for food and drinks but may forget about restrooms. When you contact Sunshine Tents and Event Rental for tent rentals in West Palm Beach, you can also stock up on other essential equipment, like:

  • Portable restrooms
  • Dance floor rental
  • Banquet tables and chairs
  • Linens for your banquet tables
  • Generator

We have all the equipment and accessories you need to put the finishing touches on an unforgettable day.

Don’t Forget About Trash Cans

Trash cans are an ugly but necessary addition to any outdoor party. If they are not already provided, make sure to bring, borrow or rent enough to accommodate all your guests and station them in convenient locations, like by the food and bar.

Consider Parking

If your outdoor location does not have enough parking available, this is not as bad as you might think. Instead of choosing another location, consider renting a shuttle bus to bring your guests to the vow renewal location from a location with a larger parking area, and then back.

Contact Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals

We are a family-owned and operated special event rental company that takes pride in providing quality service at affordable prices. Thanks to our customer’s positive feedback and references, we are currently expanding and will soon be providing our services throughout Florida. For event rentals in West Palm Beach, call (954) 374-0169.

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