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Labor Day Weekend Planning in Boca Raton 

Labor Day weekend if full of summer festivals and activities, with Americans across the United States gathering to barbeque, share some laughs and drinks, and watch the fireworks display. The weekend draws everyone to get outside and enjoy the warmth and beauty of our subtropical slice of the world. Whether you plan to spend the weekend with family or hosting a party for your friends, be sure to cover all your bases with these great offers from Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals! 


Our tent rentals in West Palm Beach, Miami, and everywhere in between help to keep you and your guests cool and dry in South Florida’s unpredictable weather. With various sizes and styles, we have a tent to suit your needs no matter how large or small your gathering. From the basic tents to elegant arrangements, our tents will perfectly compliment your fourth of July party, wedding, or any outdoor event you plan this summer. We keep our tents in top condition, so you don’t have to worry about tears, unsightly stains, or other issues that can affect your party experience. 

Chairs and Tables 

Don’t waste tons of money on tables and chairs you only need for one day! Rent them easily and conveniently with Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals. We can eliminate the frantic search for matching table and chair sets from different store locations by providing a variety of options in one place. You can also rent table covers and chair accents to match any color or theme to your event. We launder all of our rented fabrics after every use and ensure they are pristine and ready for use.  

Lighting, Portable Power, and Other Add-Ons 

Tent rental parties in Boca Raton are an all-day event! Get up early to hit the beach, or barbeque in the park so the kids can run around and play. Even if you host your gathering at home, being able to contain everything you need in the backyard is convenient and cost-efficient. Because celebrations tend to continue into the night, renting some extra lighting and portable power can keep your guests safe from unfortunate tripping accidents. A well-lit area will also help you keep an eye on young children or pets. 

Other things to consider renting for your party: 

  • Fans (will require portable power) 
  • A dance floor 
  • Chaffin dishes for food service  
  • Portable bar
  • Snow cone machine 
  • Popcorn machine 
  • Additional linen tent décor 

Set Up and Take Down Services 

Don’t spend your morning struggling with equipment you don’t have the training to set up properly! Avoid injuring yourself or your attendees and let Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals do all the work. Just give us your schedule for when you need set up to be complete and we’ll take care of the rest. This frees you up to focus on other details and entertain any guests who may arrive early. Once the party is over, our team will help make the clean-up process faster by taking care of disassembling the tent and packing away any other equipment you rent with us. 


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