Here’s How Tent Rentals Can Make Your Life Easier

Throwing an event is a time-consuming task that sucks up all free time temporarily. And while it's always worth it, it doesn't need to be so stressful. There are ways to delegate and make your life easier. One way our team at Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals can help make your life easier is by offering tent rentals. Every outdoor event needs a covering. No matter how perfect the weather is predicted to be, Florida is always full of surprises. It's also vital to keep all guests and the food and drinks at a comfortable temperature too. But there's one problem with a tent; you have to buy one and store it before and after the event. This isn't exactly doable for everyone, which is where tent rentals in South Florida come in and save the day.


Set-up and Clean-up is Handled

When you rent a tent, you no longer have to stress about setting up and cleaning up the event. You may have a few things here and there to do, but the tent rental company is responsible for the heavy-duty tasks. Setting up a tent is no easy task, either. When you buy one yourself rather than rent, it's up to you to set the tent up. If you decide not to set it up or have difficulty doing so, you may need to hire a company to do the heavy lifting for you. Then, you need to worry about the clean-up. Who is going to take the tent down? With a tent rental company, the clean-up becomes less of a hassle. Our team at Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals handles taking the tent down and the transportation to bring the tent back to our facilities.



But that's not all. Tents are large and hard to store. Most homes do not contain the right amount of space for a tent. This leaves you with leaving it outside or finding somewhere to hold it. Another expense to add to the list. That means you have to spend money on the tent, the crew, and storage. All of these expenses add up, making the tent cost way more than you may have planned. With a rental, you have one fee, have fewer responsibilities, and less stress regarding the tent. Another thing to consider as far as the cost goes is the price compared to the use. How often are you going to use your tent? If you plan to use it once, you are much better renting it for one occasion. You are especially much better off doing a rental if you have nowhere to store the tent for the remainder of the year. The last thing you want is to be stuck with your tent and no clue where to put it.


More Options and Variety in Styles

You probably have a clear vision in mind as far as your event goes. Whether it's your wedding, a birthday party, or a graduation party, you may have a specific look in mind. Tracking down this ideal tent is a lot harder than it seems. Many companies have more generic styles. And those who have variety, may not have the perfect color, pattern, and style combination for your event. When you use tent rentals in South Florida, you are naturally going to have more options to choose from and a variety. Tent rental companies have contacts in the community and have access to more types of tents than the average person. If you have a specific vision in mind, you're more likely to find it when you have the help of a rental company.

We Can Help!

Amid event planning, you may have put aside the tent situation, or maybe you have had a hard time finding the perfect tent. Whatever situation you find yourself in, know that tent rentals in South Florida can ease your mind and take away some stress. From the set-up to tracking down the perfect tent, this aspect of event planning is frustrating. But, with a rental, you are taking a burden off your shoulders. The Sunshine Tents and Event Rental team handles everything for you. To get an idea of the tent options we have, check out our website. Or, reach out to our team today at (954) 374-0169.

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