How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Halloween is behind us, which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If dinner will be held at your house, as a good hostess, you are probably already planning for the best Thanksgiving dinner party. If you need additional items you don't currently own, check out our event rentals in West Palm Beach. We have everything you need, from dance floors to outdoor furniture. So, when you want your Thanksgiving dinner to delight, Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals is just a phone call away.

What else can make your party unforgettable? We have some ideas your guests are sure to be thankful for.

Plan Your Party Outside

Living in South Florida provides the luxury of planning any dinner, party, or special occasion outdoors – no matter what time of year. If you want to take your dinner outside this year, we don’t recommend using your good indoor furniture for dining. If you don’t own comfortable outdoor furniture, you don’t have to spend countless money buying brand new items. Chair and table rentals are the affordable, smarter solution. If you want to provide a covering for extra protection, don’t forget about our tent rentals in Boca Raton. We offer a variety of tent sizes. Our selection includes all of the following (and everything in between):

  • 10’ x 10’
  • 20’ x 20’
  • 30’ x 30’
  • 40’ x 100’
  • 40’ x 180’

Don’t Forget Table Décor

You have two festive themes to play with when decorating your table: autumn, with tri-colored leaves, and Thanksgiving, with cornucopias and turkeys. Whichever style is your vibe, make sure to create a festive atmosphere your guests will notice when they step through the door. You will likely have lots to prepare and consider on Thanksgiving Day, so we recommend setting your table the night before. If you are throwing your dinner outside, we recommend choosing from one of our table rentals, such as a few square tables, or one of our banquet tables.

Make Food Ahead of Time

Why do so many people wait until the day of to make their dinner? Not only does this sound stressful, but it creates countless opportunities for mistakes. To make dinner preparations easier, select certain dishes that can be made ahead of time. You probably won’t be able to make every recipe one or two days before your dinner, but you can certainly make casseroles and pies a few days before, as they can easily be reheated the day of. In fact, most desserts can be made ahead. Cranberry sauce, gravy, and stuffing can be made before the big day, as well.

Plan your Thanksgiving dinner this way and you will only have a few items to make on the big day, like dinner rolls and the turkey.

Stick to Tried and True Recipes

If you love to cook, then you probably enjoy making new, out-of-the-box recipes. Guacamole on your pizza? Why not? Edible flowers on your cookies? Sounds delightful. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving dinner is not the time to be experimenting. Not only can you make a few dinner mishaps by creating a new dish you have never made, but your guests are sure to miss out on the classic recipes. Remember, people enjoy holidays partially because they are all about tradition.

Plan for the Kids

This is a family affair, after all, so you will probably have kids to entertain. While the adults are enjoying good conversation and wine, set out some games for the children to play, like Apple to Apple. Or have their favorite movies playing on the living room TV.

Contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals

We hope these tips guarantee an unforgettable Thanksgiving dinner in the best way. When you need event rentals in West Palm Beach, contact our family-owned and operated special event rental company. We have high-quality tents, tables, chairs, linens, and all the accessories and equipment you need for your big day. 

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