Make Your Small Wedding Unforgettable with Wedding Tents in Hollywood, FL

There is something to be said for having a small, intimate wedding. There is certainly less stress involved during the planning process. You do not have to send out hundreds of invitations, worry about forgetting people, or fret over complex seating charts. By trimming down your guest list, you can also focus more on the little details that can sometimes be forgotten while planning a wedding. A smaller wedding also opens you up to holding it at many different venues that may not be able to accommodate large crowds. Here at Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals, we have helped our clients plan weddings of all sizes, from large, grand events to small, intimate gatherings, and we have found that there is one element that can help transform any size wedding into an unforgettable event. Wedding tents in Hollywood, FL provide an air of sophistication and romance to outdoor weddings, and with so many different styles to choose from, you will be sure to find one that will encompass the overall theme and style of your wedding, no matter how big or small it may be.

Many people think of wedding tents when they think of large and extravagant outdoor weddings. However, many outdoor weddings that take place in Hollywood, FL are on the smaller side. When planning a small wedding, choosing small outdoor venues can result in an intimate, romantic feeling. By renting a wedding tent in Hollywood, FL for your small wedding, you can give your guests a chance to enjoy themselves in a covered atmosphere that reflects the theme and style of your wedding. If you are going for a garden theme, beautiful wildflowers and elegant, rustic furniture can be used to decorate your tent rental in Hollywood, FL. If you are going for more of a nautical theme, your tent rental can be decorated with seashells, exotic flowers, and fun, bright colors! The décor and overall look of your tent is only limited by your imagination! One amazing benefit to having a smaller wedding is that you will have more time to focus on the details and create a wedding that is everything you have ever dreamed of.

In addition to wedding tent rentals, we also offer a vast array of event rentals in Hollywood, FL, and can help you customize almost every aspect of your wedding. When you decide on an intimate, tented outdoor wedding, you open yourself up to a plethora of options. Try renting comfortable sofas for guests to lounge on during cocktail hour, or consider doing away with a traditional seating arrangement and have chairs and benches seated around larger, family style dining tables. Personal touches help to make a wedding memorable, and with our help, you can make your wedding unforgettable, no matter what the size. No two weddings are alike, and our wedding tent rentals help take that into consideration. Call us today at (954) 374-0169 and tell us a little about the wedding that you are planning so that we can help you choose the perfect tent for your needs.

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