Moving Your Event Outdoors During The Pandemic

Covid’19 has made everyone value health precautions. And that’s one fundamental reason people prefer outdoor events. The open-air gatherings are a great way to take advantage of nature and encourage social distancing compared to their indoor counterparts.  

Now comes the real question: how to plan an outdoor event? It’s slightly different to conduct outdoor events but equally fun, memorable, and aesthetic as indoor venues.  

If you’re confused about planning your upcoming open-air event in Hollywood, Florida, here’s a quick guide especially for you. Read along to find five things to prepare for, including event rentals and tent rentals as you move your gathering outside!  

Choose The Venue  

Deciding the venue is the first and most fundamental step for every event planning. You need to search for places that offer open-air setups. In addition, you must also check that the venues are available on the date your event is at.  

You must also ensure that the places follow the relevant and necessary health safety precautions. After all, being outdoor doesn’t mean an absence of diseases and germs.  

If the weather is breezy and pleasant, you can go to daytime events. The guests will love basking in the sunlight, and as a bonus: the pictures will turn out to be spectacular because of the vibrant sun rays.  

Pick The Theme  

Choosing the overall theme of your outdoor event is crucial. Once you decide on the color scheme and the vibes you want for the gathering, you can proceed with finalizing tables, chairs, and other decorations.  

A well-themed venue decorated with matching linens, tablecloths, and chairs looks more presentable. Furthermore, your tent must match the color scheme to maintain the overall attractiveness of the event.  

Ensure Hygiene And Comfortability  

It’s beneficial to include hygiene-friendly practices for your outdoor event, especially when you see how your guests appreciate the gesture. It makes the people feel comfortable as they mingle and enjoy themselves without panicking over germs and viral attacks.  

For instance, as you contact your table rental business, you can ask them to disinfect the furniture. You can also ask the chair rental company for cozy couches for the elders, sprayed with a disinfectant solution to offer a snug and clean seating.  

Go For Event Rentals  

Event planning can become a massive headache if you’re unable to manage everything simultaneously. Contacting the chair and table rental to confirm your booking and then reaching out to the tent rentals business for order updates on the setup can be tedious.  

The solution: try to simplify your work by hiring one rental business that offers everything you require for your outdoor event. Search for an event rental near you that provides chairs, tables, and tents.  

That will make it easier to select the fixtures and decorations matching your chosen color theme. You don’t need to worry yourself sick by dialing several numbers to ensure multiple orders. Having one service managing most of your event essentials can be pretty rewarding, that’s for sure.  

State The Expectations   

You must be clear when making your guests realize your expectations for the event. For instance, to ensure the safety and healthiness of everyone, you can mention masks, vaccination, and SOP requirements during the gathering.  

You don’t want disgruntled guests waiting outside because you couldn’t clarify the guidelines beforehand. And sound and effective communication prevents this from happening. You can include the specifications in the invite. But try to avoid being too strict because you want the invitees to have a memorable and pleasant time socializing with each other as well.  

Rental Service In Hollywood, Florida 

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