How to Plan for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

The weather and tropical scenery in South Florida make it a perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding. Just like planning an indoor wedding, it takes a lot of time and preparation to make sure everything is just right. There are a few extra details to consider when planning a celebration outdoors, like where to buy tent rentals in West Palm Beach since you and your guests won’t have an actual roof over your heads. Keep reading to learn what you need to make this a memorable affair.

Entertainment with outdoor experience 

It helps if the vendors you hire know how to play their part outdoors as much as they can indoors. Your photographer should know how to capture the festivities with the added sun exposure, your caterer should be able to keep the food fresh and uncompromised, and your band or DJ should have the proper equipment to keep the music going. It’s also important that you have a basic understanding of what each vendor needs for a successful day.  

At Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals, we do a lot more than provide tent rentals in West Palm Beach. If there are any miscellaneous items your vendors may need, like a stage, contact us to see if it’s available.

Additional toilet facilities

Weddings are usually a large affair, with a guest list that can easily surpass 50 people. If you don’t have enough bathrooms to accommodate all your guests, this can turn into a mini-crisis. Don’t worry, most event rentals in West Palm Beach also provide portable toilet facilities, like yours truly. We offer UltraLav trailers when nature calls, which is a lot better than standard port-o-potties.

Outdoor décor 

Whether you’re planning your wedding in a backyard or at the beach, how you decorate it makes all the difference. As you’re moving forward with ideas, try to have the décor match the natural landscape. Now for the logistics. It’s absolutely crucial that you have enough chairs to seat all of your guests. If you’re thinking about adding a dance floor, make sure the ground is level. Don't know where to rent all these decorative items? When you contact us for tent rentals in West Palm Beach, make sure to ask about our dance floors, chairs, and other decor for rent, too.

Check weather forecast 

One detail of an outdoor wedding you don’t have to consider when indoors is the weather. A tent can provide some shelter against the elements, but it won’t protect you from severe weather. Even if the forecast says blue skies and sunshine, have a second location in mind. Make sure to check the forecast every day for at least a few days leading up to the event and if there’s going to be a small rain shower that won’t drive you indoors, prepare with umbrellas and rain jackets.

Bug protection 

Another challenge you won’t face with an indoor wedding is bugs. But don’t worry, bugs won’t ruin your celebration with the right preparations. Work with your florist to select flowers that bugs aren’t attracted to and even select some flowers that deter bugs, like marigolds and petunias. You should also have the location professionally treated a few days before the wedding and don't forget to add a few scented candles that repel mosquitos, such as citronella, lavender, and clove.

Backup power 

If you’re planning to have an intimate affair at your home, plan for the unexpected. You’ll be using a lot more power than you do on a typical day or get-together, so rent a backup generator to avoid blowing a fuse. Find out how much power you'll need to supply everything, as this will help determine which generator to rent. You can guarantee you will need power for the following:

  • Lights
  • Food warmers
  • Sound system
  • AC

There’s a lot to consider, but we’ve got you covered. Once again, when you contact us for our tent rentals in West Palm Beach, ask about our generator rentals. We’ll see if we have one that fits your specifications.

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