What Seating Arrangements Can Fit in a Tent Rental?

Tent rentals in South Florida are an excellent addition to any outdoor event. Not only do they protect against the elements, but they also allow for a variety of seating arrangements. No matter how large or small your event is, there are tons of ways to customize the tent set-up. Not sure which event arrangement is right for you and your event? No worries. Our team at Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals is here to help. We have been setting up tents for years now and have an eye for events. But, if you want to learn more about each style and arrangement, see below. We dive into a variety of unique types that are bound to make your event come to life.


Banquet Seating 


This style of seating is ideal for weddings and other lavish events. The seating style is intimate and usually commands attention to one aspect of the room. This type of seating scenario includes long tables for guests to sit and eat at. If your event is on the larger side, you may consider this option as it's considered more comfortable. The long tables also allow you to fit many people at your special event. You can also easily pick and choose who sits where. Not only does this make a seating chart that much easier to create, but it makes it easier for you to keep friends and family together. Many people who host an event have a buffet table along with this set-up. The long tables make it easy for guests to get up and stand in line for food. However, it's entirely up to you. The Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals team can work around your event needs and wants.

Sit Down Dinner Seating


The sit-down dinner seating style can work for a variety of occasions and events. As long as dinner is the main focus, this style works. This set-up usually includes round tables with several guests seated around the table. We often see this set-up at work events, picnics, and parties. Usually, if there are waiters serving guests food, this is the plan. However, some weddings opt to go with this style for dinner.


Theatre Style Seating


One of the more popular kinds of seating arrangements is theatre-style seating. This seating arrangement has chairs in rows facing the front of the room. This style of seating is usually for weddings so the guests can watch the wedding and happy couple. However, you don't need to be getting married to use this style. If your event has a performance or stage, this seating arrangement can prove beneficial. Not only does it allow all of your guests to watch the entertainment, but it's a comfortable seating arrangement. Everyone is facing the same direction; there is no bending over backward to see what is going on. Our tent rentals in South Florida can accommodate this arrangement without skipping a beat. Whatever tent style you want, our team can maneuver it around the theatre-styled seating plan.


Cocktail Table Set-Up


The final set-up style is a little unique from the rest as it does not require chairs. It all depends on your specific event. However, there tend to be higher-top tables perfect for standing or seating. You could have some chairs scattered around, or chairs at these tables. But, we tend to see this situation at networking events, corporate events, and award events. The idea is for guests to mingle and have a place to sip cocktails and eat light bites. This arrangement is usually present with a buffet or bar. That way, guests can get their food and drink and roam around or mingle around a table.


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The best way to have your table, chairs, and tent rentals in South Florida arranged is to have the Sunshine Tents & Event Rental team handle it. That way, you know that your arrangement is aligned perfectly with your tent rental. Also, you get to pick and choose what tent fits your event. And with rentals, you don't even have to worry about transportation or set-up. We handle everything. To get a better idea of our rental services, check out our website or give us a call at (954) 374-0169.

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