Summer Event Planning: Five Things You Should Rent, Not Buy!

Summer is here and it’s time to party! Taking advantage of the beauty of South Florida’s natural surroundings by hosing a party or event outdoors seems like a no-brainer. However, planning such an event is a little more complicated than that. While you’re making plans for things like catering, music, and other factors, make sure your money is going to where it really needs to. Here’s five things you should rent instead of buying if you’re planning to host an event this summer! 


With Florida’s ever-changing weather, tents are a must for outdoor parties and events. Whether it’s to help your guests stay out of the sun or to protect them in case of sudden showers, tent rentals in West Palm Beach are a convenient way to be prepared for any circumstance. With party tent rentals from Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals, you don’t have to worry about setting up, taking down, or storing the tents. Just give us your time table and our expert event support team will have your tents set up and ready with plenty of time for decorating and other preparations.  

Our durable tents are regularly cleaned and inspected for damage, so you don’t have to worry about them failing in the middle of your party. Once your event is over, we will take care of packing it away so you can focus on other tasks. 

Tables and Chairs 

Hosting a large party? Don’t waste your money on buying dozens of tables and chairs you may never need to use again! Instead, event rentals in West Palm Beach can help you acquire the equipment you need without running around to different stores or paying huge shipping fees if you order them online. Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals offer a variety of table and chair options and combinations for you to choose from to match any theme. Our convenient size chart also helps you determine how many tables you’ll need instead of blindly guessing. Check them out here! 


Planning a nighttime outdoor event? Don’t buy your lighting—rent it instead! From standing lamps to chandeliers, Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals offers elegant lighting options to seamlessly mesh with your event theme and add to the atmosphere. Gone are the days of large, bulky, hot flood lights that can be hazardous and blinding. Our lighting options offer the perfect amount of light without being cumbersome or difficult to navigate around. 

Stages or Dance Floors 

If your event calls for a stage or you want to encourage your guests to cut loose and dance, renting them is a far better trying to purchase the large, bulky, and expensive pieces of equipment. Just as with the tent rentals is West Palm Beach, Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals will professionally set up and dismantle stages and dance floors for you. Our experts will ensure they are secure and safe for use before your event and return for safe removal afterward. These are especially useful for outdoor weddings, company events, or birthday parties.  

Portable Power Sources 

Nothing ruins a party faster than realizing you have no means of powering equipment like sound systems, air pumps for bounce houses, or lights. Renting a portable power source takes that stress off your shoulders and gives you the versatility to host your outdoor event anywhere!  

Get started planning your outdoor event with Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals today!  

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