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5 Tips to Throwing a Memorable Charity Party

Charity events are an excellent way to bring attention to your cause. Organizations can also use events to honor current supporters and bring in new volunteers.

Whether planning a formal dinner or an all-night dance party in West Park, FL, it is easiest to pull the function together when you break down the tasks.

1. Theme

One of the best ways for a charitable organization to get started on an event is by brainstorming themes. When considering themes, also keep in mind the budget.

Charity events do not just have to focus on fundraising. Consider throwing a party to celebrate a milestone in the operation, a holiday, or a season. Once you define the party's mood, it’s time to layer in the details.

2. Venue

Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals can help you with everything from big tops for children-themed parties to clear tents for an evening under the stars. These professional planners can arrange for complete setup and tear down as well as the table and chairs.

The chairs range from easy-to-move folding chairs to modern barstools. The tables are just as versatile. You can opt for intimate round ones, long banquet tables, and even picnic tables.

Tents are also helpful for indoor charity events. In a smaller venue, they can add extra covered space for guests to mingle, a private room for the caterer, or make it a silent auction area.

3. Entertainment

If you are going to have a DJ or band, you may want to get a dance floor and a stage. A party rental installation team can lay out various styles of portable floorings, such as parquet or black and white checkers, and a performance platform.

If your charity event is an award ceremony or fashion show, crews can erect a speaking stage, runway, or carpeted walkway.

4. Food

The type of food you serve may depend upon the budget, headcount, and theme. You may prefer to have your cooks or caterer in a separate tent.

A long open-sided tent might work well if your group is hosting a fall buffet. A fully enclosed tent with propane heaters can keep your guests and their meals warm in the cooler months. Tent and party rentals also offer portable bars, which means the refreshments can go wherever you choose to set up.

5. Comfort

Whether throwing a summer picnic or winter ball, take steps to ensure your guests are safe and comfortable. Portable generators can run remote fans. Outdoor propane heaters create ambiance and warmth.

The lighting can fit your theme. Light towers can brighten up walkways. Chandeliers add elegance and soften the mood.

Hosting a charitable event can be rewarding on many levels. Contact our office today for more details about tent and party rentals in West Park, FL. Our professional party planners can alleviate a lot of the stress on the big day and free you up to attend to your guests and supporters.

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