The Ultimate Checklist for Any Type of Party

Whether you are planning a baby shower, graduation party, or celebrating a coworker’s retirement, you will need a party planning checklist to ensure everything goes smoothly. If you aren’t familiar with party planning, then take it from the experts. Our checklist takes all the guesswork out of planning, so you can focus on what really matters: enjoying a memorable occasion with friends and family. We'll focus on the most important things to do and get before D Day. At Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals, our event rentals will provide you with everything you need to turn your party into a success – from tablecloths to tents, and everything in between.

Pick a Date and Time

First things first, figure out what day and time the event is being held. We recommend flexibility with this first step. Even if you are planning a birthday party, it doesn’t have to be thrown on the person’s birthday, especially if it falls on a weekday. Instead, pick a more convenient day, preferably on the weekend, for convenience. This way, all the guests can attend.

Create a Budget

Determining how much you want to spend is an important first step, as it affects everything else on this list – from the food that you buy to the venue selected, and even the number of guests you invite to the party. Our recommendation is if you don’t have a lot of time planning out the details, make a bigger budget if possible. That way, even if you can’t take on certain aspects of the party, you can hire help to do it for you. If you can’t expand your budget but you can spend more time on the party, there are so many things you can do yourself to make the event more affordable. A few things you can add to your DIY list are:

  • Making the food (instead of hiring a company to cater)
  • Creating your own invitations
  • Creating your own decorations
  • Baking the cake (or cupcakes)

Pick a Venue

Now that you know your budget, date, and time, you can pick a venue. If you plan to rent out space, you should call the venue before settling on a date. This will ensure that they have availability on the day and time you want. If you are planning the party at someone’s house, just make sure the space is big enough to accommodate all your guests. If you plan to take the event outdoors, select a backup location (preferably nearby) in case the weather turns bad unexpectedly.

Make a Guest List

It is good to know where the party will be held prior to making your guest list. Nevertheless, some people like to make a guest list before choosing a venue. If you have a lot of people attending and a small budget, consider turning your party into a potluck, an appetizer’s only party, or mention that it’s BYOB (bring your own booze) on the invitations. Doing so will significantly cut down on expenses vs hiring someone to cater a dinner party.

Pick a Theme

Not every party needs a theme but creating one does help you make decisions while party planning. For example, if you go with a sports theme and have a specific team in mind, you know what color your decorations should be.

Send out Your Invites

Invites should be sent out roughly three weeks before the event. Add an extra week or two if you’re throwing the party on a popular date, such as a holiday. In your invite, don’t forget to include extra information, such as the party theme and party type (for example, if it’s a potluck, tell them to bring a dish). Make sure to follow up with your guests one week before the event.

Create a Menu

Variety is the most important detail when creating a menu. Make sure you have different kinds of foods to accommodate all your guests. Create a separate menu for your drinks unless it’s a BYOB party. Again, remember to have a little of everything. Beer is the standard, but not everyone likes beer, so include wine and whip up a few pre-made drinks.

Every party is different, so use this checklist as a guide. We recommend building onto it for your specific party needs.

When you need event rentals in West Palm Beach, don’t forget to contact Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals. We have everything you need: tablecloths, chairs, tents, and even dance floors. Call (954) 374-0169 for more information.

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