How to Throw a Graduation Party Outdoors

Planning an outdoor party for your child’s graduation? 

That’s a great idea! South Florida’s tropical weather makes it a perfect backdrop for a memorable event. 

We know how stressful party planning can be, so we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to make it successful. 

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Send Out Invitations Early 

There are going to be several graduation parties during this time of year, so it’s possible for your party to get booked on the same day as another. This is especially the case if your graduation party falls on a weekend, as most parties do. 

Be the first to claim the day and time you want by sending out your invitations early. It’s recommended that you send out your invitations three to four weeks before the event. If you’re inviting out-of-towners, make sure they receive their invitation at least six weeks before the event.

Rent Out Your Tent 

If you’re throwing an outdoor graduation party, the tent is one of the most important details to consider. With so much to think about, don’t leave renting your tent to the last minute. 

Contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals to secure tent rental. We offer a variety of options for tent rentals in West Palm Beach, including:

  • Clear tents
  • Night tents
  • Open tents
  • Tents with walls
  • Cathedral walls with a door

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Tell Your Neighbors 

Most parties can get pretty loud, especially if you’re expecting a large group of people. The courteous thing to do is let your neighbors know beforehand. This way, they’ll already know about the possible noise and limited street parking on the day of your party.

Plan An Activity 

Keep your guests entertained with an activity. Some fun ideas are:

  • Lawn games
  • Cocktail bar (for guests over 21)
  • Photo booth or selfie station
  • Trivia games about the graduate

You can even set up a dance floor. We offer a variety of dance floor rentals, such as our black and white checkered dance floor and parquet dance floor. When you contact us about tent rentals in West Palm Beach, make sure to ask about our dance floor rentals, too.

There are so many activities you can incorporate into your graduation party. And if the fun lasts into the night, don’t stress. Our tents for parties in West Palm Beach include night tents so the party can stay well lit.

Create Your Menu 

Food and beverages are often the most expensive party detail. Creating a menu can help you stay within budget. Make sure you have options for everyone’s diet, like vegans and vegetarians. Don’t forget to label food so people know what they’re eating. If they’re allergic, they can avoid it.

Rent Extra Furniture 

Make sure your guests always have a chair to sit on and a table to set their drink by renting folding chairs and tables. 

At Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals, we do more than tent rentals in West Palm Beach

We can also provide chairs, tables, table cloths, and miscellaneous party items, like outdoor propane heaters and pedestal fans.  

Stand Out 

Don’t let your party be like every other graduation party this year. Stand out by creating a theme or customizing your party. 

Some fun ideas include a sports theme, smart cookie themes, and then and now themes for the perfect walk down memory lane. 

If you’re going to customize your graduation party, add a congratulations banner with the graduate’s name on it, or you can also customize glasses and cups.

Make a Great Playlist 

Don’t underestimate the power of good music at a party. Make a playlist of popular hits, having enough variety to get everyone on the dance floor. When you have a good playlist, you’ll definitely put your rented dance floor to good use.

Plan for Trash 

If you’re having a small gathering, put out one trash bin where everyone can easily locate it. Don’t forget to put out a recycling bin for paper and plastic plates and utensils.

Contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals

To learn more about how you can plan the perfect graduation party, wedding, corporate event, or something else, contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals. Whether you need party decor, tables, event tents, stages, lighting, or something else, we can help! Give us a call today at 954-374-0169.

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