Top 5 Tents You Can Pick for a Christmas or New Years Get Together

It's time to don that festive sweater and start planning those big holiday gatherings. Thanks to tepid winter weather in the sunshine state, we have options for outdoor gatherings and events that can take advantage of beautiful sunsets, lush greenery, and innovative party fixtures.

Why not choose a tent on rent through Boca Raton party rentals for your next gathering? It will make your event unique and special, and you'll find yourself with less mess indoors after the guests have all gone home. Check out these top 5 tent rentals to choose from as you craft the perfect holiday soiree.

Open Tents

An open tent is perfect for intimate poolside gatherings or a small gathering in your backyard. Ease of setup and take down gives you additional time to select the perfect menu and make sure your lighting is on point. Open tents allow guests to move freely while giving a more intimate space to gather and connect. The open tent is an economical option to spruce up your small gathering and make it more elegant and festive.

Walled Tent

A walled tent provides more protection from the elements, though space inside the tent may be limited, depending on the size you desire. Walled tents are ideal for sit-down dinners, events with entertainment, and more elegant presentations. Options for decoration and lighting are nearly endless, and the whole event will take on a professional feel that wows your friends and family from the moment they step inside your frosty winter wonderland.

Clear Tents

Clear tents provide you and your guests with the best of both worlds. Giving shelter while allowing you to take in breathtaking scenery and pristine moonlight, the clear tent gives the illusion of expansive party space while protecting you from the elements. Even inclement weather can't stop your Christmas or New Year's gathering; the party's on!

Lighted Tents

One of our most popular event tents in Boca Raton, the lighted tent improves atmosphere and ambiance with every soft sconce. Embrace elements of romance and mystery while you shroud your guests in an intimate glow that inspires conversation, collaboration, and a rocking good time.

Cathedral Tents

Cathedral tents are the Cadillac of tent on rent options at Boca Raton party rentals. High ceilings make for an impressive presentation of anything you have going on inside. If you have a need for a thriving dance floor or a stage that promises premier entertainment options, go for the additional height and space offered by the cathedral tent.

Sunshine Tents: Event Tents in Boca Raton

Elevate your holiday gathering to new heights with Christmas party tents and New Year's party tents at Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals. We have all the trimmings and trappings to make your party truly sensational. From linens to lighting, tents to set up and tear down, we have all the tough stuff covered. Contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals for your next gathering today, and get ready to party!

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