Preparing for an Outdoor Charity Event

A quote by Vincent Van Gogh goes as follows: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Similarly, great events take a lot of planning and hard work. And one such event is an outdoor charity event.

A perfect setup for fundraising, charity events open up new opportunities, cultivate support, and attract new donors, especially for non-profit organizations. While the payoff can be amazing, it can be time-consuming and expensive.

If you also have a charity event lined up in your calendar in West Park FL, these five simple steps will help you maximize both the attendance and monetary donations.


  1. Set a Budget for Your Event

Be careful of your expenditure. While a charity event can be a stunning money-maker, let’s not forget the initial investment required to make the event happen. Being a non-profit organization, the only way to cover the event costs is through sponsorships, donations, and ticket costs. Therefore, it makes sense to stick to a budget so that you don’t end up with little funds to give to actual charity.

Some of the budgeting tips that you can follow include:

  • Go for a per plate system or light refreshments instead of setting up a buffet.
  • Pick volunteers for entertaining the audience.
  • Include low-cost items such as pens, coasters, and key chains as return gifts, instead of spending money on expensive swag items.


  1. Make it a Theme Night

Rather than having the same aesthetic and grave look of the event, pick a specific theme for your charitable event to make it lively, memorable, and a lot more fun. With every other organization going for something obvious, hold your event together with a special guest, musical act, or a pop-up shop to get your audience’s attention.

Some of the theme ideas that you can try are:

Casino Night – Setting up a casino night helps bring in additional money. Set up card tables and allow guests to test their luck. The guests can donate the money they win to support the cause wholeheartedly.

Bowling Game – This has been a charity event idea for decades which is cost-effective, family-friendly, highly accessible, and above all real fun! It is an indoor game, which makes it a favorable option for closed venues. You can choose this theme for sports-related charity events.

Carnival Night – A carnival night theme is perfect if the guests bring their children along. Plus, the amount spent for purchasing the token helps bring in additional funds.


  1. Select a Venue

The venue is usually the single enormous cost of the event. When choosing a venue for your charity event, make sure it aligns with your theme. Shop around and shortlist at least five such places that you want to hire. When you hunt for the venue, it might be possible that some of them are willing to give a discount or donate the space for a good cause. There are a few things that you can keep in mind before finalizing the venue:

  • Be flexible with your date and timings to secure the venue at a lower cost.
  • Make a guest list beforehand so you don’t end up with a small venue.
  • You can also choose a famous venue to attract more audience.


  1. Create Social Media Presence

Rather than investing money in pamphlets or newspaper articles, choose social media to promote your charity event. Social media maximizes your reach while also keeping the costs to a minimum. Use relevant hashtags on your posts and share them as much as you can. You can also ask your friends and supporters to do the same in order to illustrate why your cause is important.


  1. Focus on Your Target Audience

Instead of gathering more and more people for your fundraiser, concentrate your efforts on appealing to a specific audience. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Can you invite everyone to this fundraiser?
  • Is it a local fundraiser or a universal issue?
  • Should you reach out to the general public or stay specific to a group?

Defining your audience in this manner will help you organize and market the event appropriately.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, following this five-step guide will captivate your audience like you want to, but if you still aren’t sure how to pull it off, contact Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals. Our professionals will help you create an immersive and fun experience for your attendees. To us, planning fundraising events is a step towards a good cause.

We offer different sizes and types of tents for charity event rentals in West Park, FL. Our tent rentals are perfect for every event that you can think of. To know how we’ve helped businesses like you execute successful charity events, contact us at (954) 374-0169, so we can help you plan your next event to be a big success!

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