Properly Setting Up a Tent for an Outdoor Event

When you're planning an event that will take place outdoors, one of your considerations will be to provide shelter against unpleasant weather. You can protect your guests from heavy winds, rain, or the sun's UV rays by reserving a tent rental. Once you get the tent you need for your event, you'll have to make sure it's set up properly. Following a few basic steps will help you ensure your tent will provide the intended protection. 

Lay It Out 

The first step is to lay out your tent along with the poles and other equipment that comes with it. This will help you see the size and shape of the tent while helping you ensure you have all of the equipment and tools necessary for erecting the tent. This is also a good time to make sure there aren't any tears in the tent. 

Start by Grounding Your Stakes 

Your next step is to position the tent stakes and ground them in the proper places. Each stake should be positioned five feet from the corresponding grommet, which is the metal washer on the tent through which the rope will be threaded. Once in position, the stakes should be driven into the ground with one-quarter of the stake's length remaining visible above the ground. As you tie the ropes to the stakes, leave some leeway to make it easier to erect the tent with the poles. 

Use the Poles to Erect the Tent 

At this point in the tent setup process, you're ready to erect the tent. To do this, insert the tips of the poles into the corner slots on the tent. As you raise each corner, keep the bottom of each pole slanted inward towards the tent. Once the corners have been erected, insert the tips of the center poles into the corresponding grommets in the tent's top. These poles will be heavier and longer so you may need help in erecting them. 

Tighten the Ropes 

This is the last step in erecting tents for your outdoor events, but it's also the most crucial. If you don't tighten the ropes, your tent won't stand securely. At this time, you should reposition the tent poles so they're standing fully upright. Once you have every pole in position, tighten the ropes. At each stake, untie the rope and pull it taut before retying it to the stake. After you have tightened the rope at every stake, your tent will be fully erected and ready for your big outdoor event. 

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