The Essential Checklist for Planning a Company Holiday Party!

A holiday party is a great gathering for all of your staff, showing appreciation and celebrating the year's success. It is even more important for knowing your colleagues and having a fun time. It is probably the best time to let loose and enjoy yourself.  

If you’re in charge of planning the holiday party this year and want to skip out on all of the planning stress, you can take a look at this holiday party planning checklist. We’ve put together everything that needs to be considered so that your party goes off without a hitch!  

What Kind of an Event Do You Want to Plan?  

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of an event you want to plan. Are you thinking of something along the lines of a luncheon, or maybe an evening party? Do you want the event to be more casual or formal? Is there going to be a particular theme that you want to follow? Knowing your answers before planning out budgets, venues, food, and guest lists is important.  

What Is Your Budget?  

Your venue, the food you serve, the kind of entertainment you have all depend on your budget. It would be a good idea to keep a detailed spreadsheet of your total budget, your expected costs, and what you actually end up spending.  

This will allow you to record where your money is being used. Your budget will also determine your guest list and whether you are sticking to just company employees or inviting their families too.  

Select the Date and Time 

You want to select a date and time for the company holiday party at which most, or hopefully all, of the company employees are available. You could send out a company-wide survey form with two or three supposed dates and times and select the most comfortable one. It will also be ideal if the party is on the weekend.  

Do You Have a Venue in Mind?  

Some venues you can consider include country clubs, restaurants, hotels, and roof-top venues. You should pick the venue depending on proximity, how many people the venue can accommodate, if the venue comes with tables, chairs, plates, and cutleries, or whether you will have to look into additional table rentals and chair rentals. You should also consider what the weather will be like when choosing a venue. If it is cold, snowy, or rainy, an indoor venue would be best. 

Plan Out a Menu  

When planning the menu, keep the theme of the party in mind. Also, consider what kind of food you want to serve. Will you plan a sit-down dinner, or just finger food and snacks? Pay close attention to any specific dietary needs or allergies your guests may have. In general, it would be a good idea to have a vegetarian or vegan option. You should also contact your party venue and see if they offer catering.  

Moreover, decide what kind of drinks you will be planning to keep. Will you be serving alcohol at the party? If yes, you should develop an alcohol policy to ensure that no guests become too inebriated.   

What Will the Entertainment Be?  

Entertainment is something that can make or break a holiday party. You could opt for live music, a DJ, or games for the guests to play. Your budget will play a significant role in determining the entertainment.  

Send Out the Invitations  

Lastly, you want to send out the invitations to your guests and ask for an RSVP so that you have an estimate of how many people will be attending the party. You should send out the invites a few weeks in advance so that your guests can plan their time accordingly, and then send them a reminder invite a few days before the party.  

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