Things You Need For an Outdoor Graduation Party

Planning a graduation party can be exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time. You want to do your best to pull off a party everyone remembers, yet the pressure hardly gets you anywhere. However, sometimes the most easy-breezy ones are the most memorable, where everyone gets to enjoy a good time without much ado.

Ten Must-Have Items on an Outdoor Graduation Party Checklist

So why not literally take the easy-breezy metaphor and plan an outdoor graduation party? After all, graduation parties are the perfect kind to be hosted outside. The nice weather sets up the mood, while a poolside location adds to the ambiance. Moreover, no fuss over balloons and confetti – how cool is that? So let’s get the party started with the checklist.

Here are the top 10 things you’ll need:

1)   Confetti Poppers

How can you even imagine an outdoor graduation party without confetti poppers? In fact, any type of party is incomplete if, at the final moment, there aren’t any confetti poppers to rain down a confetti shower on the guests as everyone rejoices. Confetti and glitter just make everything better tenfold, undoubtedly.

2)   Balloons

Balloons are a party staple. Whether it is a kid’s party or an adult college graduation party – there is no way the décor and the feel of the party are set without balloons. In fact, you can get balloons according to a theme color. For instance, black and gold go incredibly together and will make for a perfect graduation theme.

3)   Ribbons & Strings

Ribbons, garlands, strings – these are like outdoor party basics 101. From different colors to a wide variety of designs and placements, the possibilities are endless with how you can incorporate them into your outdoor graduation party. For instance, you can let the ribbons hang down from tree branches or place them over the bushes for a pop of color, etc.

4)   Fairy Lights & Lanterns

Harsh light during any party is a mood killer. So if you are planning an outdoor graduation party, chances are you would already have the main light source. But what about mood lighting? For that, we suggest using fairy lights and lanterns. They are both aesthetically pleasing, so they go well with the décor as well as make for a great mod lighting source.

5)   An Incredible Variety of Props

It is a graduation party, and how else would it be known then with the use of props. Nowadays, you can easily find pre-made props, use them as decoration or for pictures, etc. However, if you want to put in some real effort, you can always get your creative juices running and DIY. This gives you the freedom to make them according to your specific theme.

6)   A Dessert Corner

While snacks and food can be rotated around the party, a dessert corner will never go unappreciated. It makes for a cute exclusive area for dessert lovers. Moreover, you can place servings as well as the main graduation cake for everyone to take a help themselves. You can also add little labels mentioning which dessert has been served.

7)   A Drink Station

Similar to a dessert corner, a drink station is a must. It is also hassle-free as you don’t want drinks to be served on trays around the party. After all, everyone would be dancing, and a tray full of drinks is not a good idea. It is better to set up a minibar on the side and let people enjoy drinks over there instead of on the dance floor.

8)   A Popping Photo Booth

Everybody likes to take pictures of the gram. How else anyone would know you had a blast celebrating your graduation otherwise. So it only makes sense that you aid the likelihood with a designated popping photo booth. It can be decorated as per the theme with similar colors and a gorgeous backdrop for everyone to take pictures.

9)   A Kickass DJ

What’s a party without music, and who better to put out all the hyped songs than a kickass DJ? So you would definitely need a DJ to get the songs going at your party. However, make sure to set up the equipment someplace shaded, like the edge of the opening to your party area. This will ensure safety in case of water splashing and bad weather.

10)  A Graduation Tent Rental to Tie It Together

Looking for a graduation tent rental to help you out with the décor? Sunshine Tents and Event Rentals offers several different sizes and types of tents for renting in South Florida. Whether you are going for an intimate open gathering or a large outdoor event, a party tent rental from Sunshine Tents shall make up for the dreamiest ambiance ever.

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